Running and Nordic Walking

Sport & enjoyment of nature in Abtenau: Nordic walking and running in Tennengau

Nordic walking on well-marked paths

Nordic walking is a gentle but effective full-body workout with numerous advantages. Nordic Walking can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime: good walking shoes and sticks are the only necessary utensils. In Abtenau, a particularly varied Nordic walking region in Tennengau, you will find numerous Nordic walking courses in all levels of difficulty: gentle rounds in the valley as well as challenging high-altitude hikes.

Nordic Walking in Abtenau, home of the NW world champions

Did you know that Abtenau is the home of Maria and Hans Quehenberger, the Nordic Walking World Champions of 2008 and 2009? The two athletes like to pass on their knowledge in Nordic walking courses and on guided tours. It doesn't matter whether you start your next Nordic walking course in a relaxed manner or with a sidelong glance at a competition: Abtenau, the world-class Nordic walking region in Tennengau, is the place for you.

From easy to difficult: Nordic walking tours on running routes in Abtenau

Around Abtenau you will find countless marked running and Nordic walking routes. Analogous to the marking of Hiking trails The classification of the Nordic Walking course follows the color scheme blue-light, red-medium, black-difficult. Most of the rounds start at the pyramid near the valley station Karkogelbahn in Abtenau. Give yourself a little push and just try it out. When are you walking?

nordic walking plan

Abtenau running trails from 5 km to 12,5 km in length

The east car park is always given as the starting point for the walking paths.

The small round of 5 km is very suitable for beginners. Let's go towards the forest management or towards Fischbach. As a small challenge, the meadow path climbs briefly at Fischbach-Egg. Soon there is the first junction - marked in green - which leads back to the parking lot with a length of approx. 2 km.

The running path with a total length of 7 km leads back to Fischbach and towards Fischbach-Egg, but you must not branch off now, but follow the path around the Scheffenbichlkogel to the “Fliehof” schnapps distillery and about 2 km - marked in blue - back again to the starting point.

All those who would like to run a few kilometers further can walk around the Egelsee. Past the Eglsee farm, then turn left again - marked in pink - towards the town center. (9km)

For the persistent runner, it goes on to the Kainhof farmers. There the path leads downhill to the main road. Back to Abtenau, via the Karkogel valley station you come back to the east car park. The big round has a total length of 12,5 km.